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What is New old stock?

Well it isn't a watch that has been polished (even once)! Once a watch is polished a watch can only be described as "in mint condition" at best. The watch world has never really "nailed" the definition of NOS, partly due to misunderstanding but also down to a deliberate ploy by some to make selling such watches debateable.

It should refer to a watch that is in the same condition as it was originally sold. Either never worn (or maybe worn a handful of times) or a watch that never sold and sat in a watchmakers drawer, safe etc. A NOS watch that has never been worn but is more than very lightly marked (from poor storage conditions) or has a damaged dial is not NOS. The word "New" should be the clue here and dictates it should be in a condition commensurate to when it was originally sold (and yes this includes the dial)!

Prices should be adjusted upwards from mint looking at each individual case in isolation.

The definitions

The Vintage Heuer price guide aims to join my love of / and research into vintage Heuer watches with the expereience I gained during my career valuing the UK prestige used car marketplace for a well know pan european company. This role saw me research and value thousands of cars, and over 60,000 lines of data each month. This is a skill set that proves well matched to research and calculation of "guide" figures for vintage watches. The guide uses a variety of condition adjustments and a retail and private sale figure to supply the range of values on each model. These "guide" figures allow for a degree of flexibility that is needed when valuing anything, whether it be cars, watches or houses. There is no finite value for the aforementioned, but values can be placed within a "guide" range to allow for a variety of circumstances. These circumstances might include, location, desire of seller to sell, purchaser to buy, condition of item, prevailing market forces, history of the watch, sellers reputation etc etc. The values aim to show an average of the prior 6 months.

MOVE (MOVEMENT) = stands for "values level", - "values down", + "values up".

Note that values in GREEN have moved up, WHITE have remained static and in RED have gone down, in the current guide update from the previous edition.

CURRENCY- Vintage Heuer sale prices are researched in the currency of the country of origin of the "sale price observed" mostly, but not exclusively in GB£, US$ and Euro with conversion back into £ for the guide. Prevailing conversion rates should be used for converting back into users home currency.

IMPORTANT DATA -The prices in this guide are an opinion based upon market data from a variety of sources, retail sales, retail asking prices, private collector sales, and from eBay data. The guide aims to provide a realistic range for each model, that you could reasonably expect to be able to buy for, within the remit described. (Not all models are valued and some very rare and valuable models are xxxxx to indicate the high end market these models inhabit). Some marketing dial variations such as Indianapolis Carrera or tropical dials are subject to the desire of an individual to pay extra for such exclusivity. Please note prices are in GBP £ and are subject to wholesale updates in March & September. Additional movements are carried out during the year when significant multiple market observations warrant alterations, to further aid accuracy. Values should be adjusted up for boxes and steel bracelets, albeit at a reduction to "loose item" values.

GRADING - Please note the grading aims to give an indication of the relative collectibilty of each reference within the collecting community. It ranges between A+++ to grade D, although it should be noted that a new old stock grade B could well be a more collectible watch than an AVG condition A.

RETAIL - A physical or internet based retailer or top end trader; prices will vary depending on service and reputation, the price quoted is an average and a top end dealer will sometimes place a higher value on his "experience".

PRIVATE - A mix of a private sale, trade in values and Ebay data. Note that Ebay sales alone are more a "Spot Price" and not wholly indicative of a reliable price to buy/source watches, with massive variation in values achieved due to many circumstances, such as restriction of bidders, seller rep and safety of buying process. Most "weight" here is given to more stable data.

PLEASE NOTE - In addition to the below condition grades watches which are in a cosmetically POOR condition will be worth less than FAIR condition. Also like NEW OLD STOCK watches the best of breed because tropical or the best examples with superb patina, will be worth more than MINT condition watches. Conditions are not meant to be prefaced by the words "for the watches age" but are meant to describe the watches ACTUAL condition.

MINT CONDITION - The watch should be of either original condition and with some mild wear or polished lightly and close to factory spec (this can be a matter of preference). But please note that a nice condition unpolished watch will always be worth more and be more collectible than a polished watch. All parts should be original Heuer and the dial should be close to perfect and all lume should be intact (or on extremely rare variants, such as Chronomatics and PVD, be mostly intact). Bezel condition should be unmarked (or close to) and is very important to values. It should also be noted that true New Old Stock (NOS) watches are not included and are in reality extremely rare, prices for these can be expected to be at a premium that depends largely upon provenance. Watches should be running but may well need a service, unless from a retailer. Please note that relumed dials would not allow the watch to be classified as mint, originality is everything in this categroy.

GOOD CONDITION - The watch will have some wear but look "good" & not badly show it's age. Original finish with wear or have an expertly polished case (poor case polish = FAIR value at best). The dial and bezel should be in good condition with no major issues (perhaps light dial markings, but no scratches or large areas of dirt unless a very rare/desired variant). Again parts should be all original, and the watch should be running, but may be in need of a service.

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